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        • 全球研發體系
        • 產品實驗室
        • 發明專利證書

        我們擁有全球領先的自主研發技術與產品開發能力,憑借百年佩特來的深厚工業積淀,匯聚國內外頂尖資源,以齊全的設備和完備的手段,實現研發的多樣化。 業務覆蓋起、發電機等傳統重型旋轉電器,商用車EV產品等新能源產業,為客戶提供更大功率、更長壽命、更高效率、更強防護、更綠色環保的產品和智能解決方案。

        We have the world's leading independent research and development technology and product development capabilities,relying on the profound industrial accumulation of Prestolite for a century, gather top resources at home and abroad,and realize the diversification of research and development with complete equipment and complete methods. The business covers traditional heavy rotating electrical appliances such as generators&starters and new energy industries such as commercial vehicle EV products, providing customers with products and smart solutions with greater power, longer life,higher efficiency, stronger protection, and greener environmental protection.

        3個全球研發中心 3 Global R&D Center
        • 中國研發中心 CN R&D Center
        • 美國研發中心 US R&D Center
        • 英國研發中心 UK R&D Center
        3個博士研發團隊 3 Doctoral R&D Team
        • MARK.馬博士團隊 MARK .Ma Dr Team
        • 林湛喬博士團隊 Joe Lin Dr Team
        • 應洪亮博士團隊 Dr Ying Team
        200+研發人員 200+ R&D Technicians
        • TERRY技術團隊 Terry Team
        1個校企合作大學 1 School-enterprise cooperative University
        • 校企合作 江蘇大學 School-Enterprise Cooperation JSU